L-Recycling is part of the Liechtenstein Group, which is owned by the Princely Family of Liechtenstein (www.lgroup.com) and “itom recycling” an “itom invest” company.

World Data Lab


World Data Lab is the global leader in delivering credible data in turbulent times! They build real-time data models for SDG and ESG tracking and consumer spending. One of the major differentiators from other data science companies is their ability to forecast data.


eHydro500 is a renewable energy asset manager and the exclusive advisor to the “Climate Endowment Hydropower Fund” (Link) which is part of „Nixdorf Kapital Impact Fund S.C.S., SICAV-RAIF“. eHydro500 advises the AIFM of the fund, Hauck & Aufhäuser, on project acquisition, due diligence, operational monitoring and debt structuring. Together with the second investment advisor Climate […]


Bodenwunder is a unique soil produced with a patented process that is: Peat-free Compost-free CO2 reservoir Water reservoir Weed-free Odorless Many potting soils contain peat from raised bogs. But peat extraction destroys the habitats of many plants and animals. Peat extraction is also bad for the climate: Draining the wetlands causes CO2 to escape, and […]


Rok’s is a producer of high-quality nut butters and other nut-based products. Their nut butters have one ingredient only: nuts! They take the best nuts, roast them, grind them and fill them into a jar. Nothing else gets into that jar! Their current range of nut butters include peanut, almond, hazelnut and cashew. Being a […]


ACTICELL develops chemical procedures for the innovative surface treatment of cellulosic material. We think outside the box to create tailor-made solutions for manufacturers of denim fabrics and denim clothes. Our work is guided by the latest findings of cellulose chemistry, which we use to create a large range of products, including products for the universally […]


With solutions from Dolphin Technologies insurers evolve from writing policies and handling claims to become valuable partners in the life of their customers. Insurance companies can support people in real time in case of emergency, reward good behaviour, warn in time against potential risk, provide the right information at the right time, and support with […]


Viemeg offers a professional mentoring program for very early-stage startups or people with business ideas. The programs’ objective is to help successfully commercialize the idea, product or service. It helps to realize dreams! Viemeg is a group of experts in the fields of business development, finance, investing, legal, marketing, social media and IT. They are […]