Hydropower fund and asset management

eHydro500 is a renewable energy asset manager and the exclusive advisor to the “Climate Endowment Hydropower Fund” (Link) which is part of „Nixdorf Kapital Impact Fund S.C.S., SICAV-RAIF“.

eHydro500 advises the AIFM of the fund, Hauck & Aufhäuser, on project acquisition, due diligence, operational monitoring and debt structuring. Together with the second investment advisor Climate Endowment GmbH & Co. KG, who is responsible for environmental and sustainability agendas as well as risk management, acquisition projects are evaluated and ongoing projects are monitored.

eHydro500 aligns its business with sustainability goals and bases its corporate policy on them. We have an ambitious goal and are privileged as a company because – with our work as investment advisor in the hydropower asset class – we ensure the cleanest electricity production and thus contribute significantly to the reduction of harmful greenhouse gases. We actively manage our actions to achieve several UN goals.

Hydropower in a nutshell:

– the oldest and most reliable source of renewable energy

– lowest CO2 footprint of all renewable energy sources

– 62% of all renewable energy is produced by hydropower

– real asset with a life span of over 100 years

– Hydropower is the best renewable way to protect the grid from – and restart after – blackouts



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