International Project Development

itom invest specialises in carrying out complex, international projects.

A worldwide network of partners, contacts and access to leaders throughout the whole value chain makes itom invest a very efficient partner for the development and realization of your project.

Real estate, mining, renewable energy, food, healthcare, new technologies, biotech, manufacturing just to name a few of the industries, we are working with.

Investments, M&A

We invest in early stage projects, mature private equity targets and real estate.

Private equity

We don’t focus on specific industries.

For private equity targets, however, we prefer supporting a management buy-out (MBO), management buy-in (MBI) or buy and build strategies for our investments. We engage in majority and minority investments, and place no limits on target valuation.


Our team is very experienced in building companies, tech transfers and marketing innovations.

We invest based on the impact of the technology, product or service and our ability to help businesses grow. We offer support through our network and market access. You can see some of our investments in the portfolio section of our website.




We help resolve complex shareholder situations or issues with local or international business partners to avoid long, expensive trials with uncertain outcomes.

Innovation and marketing

Our team has a strong track record in building companies, tech transfers and marketing innovations. We help clients understand and manage the constant change and iteration associated with innovation.

Strategic consulting &
international business advisory services

We focus on the big picture.

Want to expand your business, looking for international business partners, or interested in buying a business abroad?

Facing a complex challenge or change?

Whatever it is, itom invest can help you to focus on the right things.

JELLY Valuation Model

Our founder, Juergen Jelly, has developed a model to quantify the value of products or services and determine market positioning and business strategies.

Based on the three elements: Features, Influencers and Price, a product or service is analyzed, rated and compared to other products on the market.

Features are the technical features or hard facts, that have a major impact on the usability of a product. They are easy to measure.
Influencers are factors, that influence the purchasing decision of users, like brand name, marketing, additional services (eg. shipping terms, return policy) or sustainability.

Ask for a free copy of the model: Contact