The motto of our international investment and consulting company says a lot about us and how we approach things.

Our curiosity to learn combined with our decades of established experience and strong will to carry out projects is a reliable basis to assist with any venture you may be planning.

We’re entrepreneurs; we love to create, innovate and build. The more challenging, the better.

We don’t focus on specific industries or topics. We’re driven by passion. Healthy food, sustainable technologies, environmentally friendly chemicals, innovative building technologies, innovative healthcare solutions – we’re interested in whatever makes the world a better place.

Always set the trail,
never follow the path

Juergen Jelly


Juergen is a serial entrepreneur in several industries, business angel, university lecturer and mentor.

He attended the Military Academy and studied Economics & Business Management and Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Austria.

Starting at the age of 23 he founded a number of different companies and gained a lot of experience in business operations and implementation. He has developed products and services and marketed them from China to the US. He gradually switched to investment by working with and for well-known family offices.

If you ask Juergen why you should work with him, he usually answers:“I’ve been there, and done that – several times – at my own risk, and with my own money!”

Juergen also invented the “JELLY Valuation Model”, a tool enabling quantified valuations of products or services, their market position and strategies.

And when he’s not doing business, he’s all about sport. Juergen is a very ambitious sportsman, having competed in swimming championships, tennis tournaments, ski races, cross-country skiing, military pentathlons and some other sports. Apart from this, he loves exploring the world and takes an interest in virtually everything.

Paul Kozubek

Associate Partner

Paul is an experienced deal maker with an outstanding track record for M&A and capital market transactions. He thereby advised as a lawyer in numerous reputable international law firms and more recently as General Counsel in Austrias leading real estate company.
Paul holds a PhD in European Competition Law from the University of Vienna and has graduated from New York University with a Master of Laws (LL.M.).

Paul displays his competence regularly in structuring and negotiating complex transactions with a clear focus to getting a deal through. He is appreciated for finding creative and balanced solutions for tricky challenges.

Chase Wang

Associate Partner – China

Chase is an experienced investment and project manager.
He holds a Bachelor’s degree in finance and an MBA from the German University of Anhalt.

Chase is reliable with a very professional attitude.
He is very skilled in Chinese and European business culture which is of great help for itom invest’s international projects and activities.
He is maintaining an excellent network in China and responsible for all projects in the country.

Mae Hansen

Associate Partner

Mae is an innovative, energetic coach and executive. She has 15+ years of strategic-level executive experiencein finance, along with 5+ years of direct involvement in innovations on the startup scene. Mae has gained her professional and educational experiences on three continents and seven distinct markets – USA, Denmark, Estonia, Austria, China, India and Russia.

She honed her professional skills while working in sales at Merrill Lynch Inc (USA), conducting equity research at Byrne Investment Research (USA), devising multi-country strategies at Danske Bank Group (Estonia, Denmark), developing the finance sector as the first CEO of Finance Estonia (Estonia), and analysing startup business models while defining growth opportunities for corporates (e.g. Match-Maker Ventures (Austria), Daimler Financial Services (Germany)). She is a mentor and coach to executives in both the corporate and startup world.

Mae is also a member of the WU Alumni Board (Austria), chair of the Supervisory Board of the Estonian Co-Operative Bank (Estonia) and strategic communications lecturer at Aalto University (Finland).

Mae holds multiple degrees from three continents (US, EU, Asia). Her latest degree, Global Executive MBA, was acquired from Vienna University Executive Academy (Austria) and the Carlson School of Management (USA) in 2013.