Juergen is a serial entrepreneur in several industries, consultant, author, mentor and lecturer at the Institute of “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

He studied Economics & Business Management and Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the University of Applied Science and the University of Economics and Business in Vienna, Austria and Leadership at the Theresian Military Academy in Wiener Neustadt, Austria.

Starting at the age of 23 he founded different companies and gained a lot of experience in implementation and the operations of many industries all over the globe. He has developed products and services and commercialized them from China to the USA.

Step by step he switched to the investment side by working with and for well known family offices. This is when he learned that there is a big gap between the entrepreneurial world and the professional investors, which was the reason for him, to start “itom invest”, a company focusing on the niche between investors and projects, trying to help both sides to get together for the profit of all involved parties.

If you ask Juergen, why you should work with him, he usually answers: “I have been there, done that - several times - on my own risk with my own money!”

Juergen is also the inventor of the “JELLY Valuation Model”. A tool for a quantified valuation of products or services, their market position and strategies.

If it is not about business, it’s about sports. Juergen is a very ambitious sportsman and competed in masters swimming, tennis tournaments, ski races, cross-country skiing, military pentathlon and some other sports. Beside that he loves to discover the world and is interested in close to everything.


Mae is an innovative and energetic executive, consultant and entrepreneur who has gathered professional and educational experiences from three continents and seven distinct markets - USA, Denmark, Estonia, Austria, China, India, Russia.

She has sharpened her professional skills and expanded her global network while practising sales at Merrill Lynch Inc (New York), conducting equity research at Byrne Investment Research (New Jersey), building multi-country strategies at Danske Bank Group (Tallinn, Copenhagen) and building a public-private partnership FinanceEstonia (Tallinn). She is a member of two Advisory Boards (OpusCapita, WU Alumni Board).

Mae’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to founding her first company in 2007. In recent years she has been actively involved with the startup world as a co-founder and an innovative consultant for numerous companies.

Mae holds multiple degrees from the USA, of which the latest was Bachelors in Finance from Monmouth University (New Jersey). Recently she graduated with global Executive MBA from Vienna University Executive Academy (Austria) and Carlson School of Management (USA). The latter degrees involved studies in Russia (St. Petersburg University), India (ISB) and China (Lingnan University).

On her spare time, Mae loves to play with her culinary skills while developing her own recipes. You should taste her raspberry cheesecake, which her son can never get enough of. Mae is also keen on sports, travelling and reading to assure balanced mind and body.